The biggest type of prize from the lottery game

Togel is one of the number guessing bets that has gone-international, especially in the archipelago, the lottery itself is famous for its huge prizes as well as the discounted price for placing lottery numbers, but do you know what the prizes are from the lottery game so that some gamblers are hooked on this game? ?

4D Togel Prize x 3,000,000

This is the biggest prize from the lottery game where the winner can get, if you place a bet of 10 thousand on 4D then you will be paid 30 million to penetrate the lottery.

How to play: For some lottery bets, you are required to guess 4 numbers that have been released for a period of time, and these numbers must match the position of the lottery result.

3D Lottery Prize x 400,000

For the second position, namely 3D, for lottery mania bettors, of course, you can place these numbers at any trusted online lottery agent , both online and conventional, because with this game you can get very easily, and the wins you get by winning are x 400,000 or if you install 10 thousand, you will be paid 4 million.

Steps to play: The steps for playing from 3D are almost the same as the 4D game, that is, you only need to guess 3 numbers from behind in the same position as the lottery results at that time.

2D Lottery Prize x 70,000

Now, for you lottery bettors, of course you already know how much the prize for this 2D lottery game is, yes, the winnings will be multiplied by 70 thousand, now for this type of game it is commonly carried out by lottery lovers in Indonesia. For 2D placement with a nominal value of 10,000, you will be paid a prize of 700,000.

How to play: In doing this trusted online lottery game there are parts that you try, namely guessing the front 2D, middle 2D and back 2D, but for this explanation are the steps for playing from the back 2D. To get the jackpot from this 2D you must be able to guess the output lottery with the appropriate position, the result from behind sequentially or correctly.

Now that is the type of lottery game winning prize as a strong magnetic force for residents to play lottery gambling.